Białystok Science and Technology Park - promotion movie

Białystok Science and Technology Park is a space open not only to entrepreneurs, scientists and those passionate about new technologies and ideas, but also to the citizens of Białystok and the Podlasie region of all ages who contribute with their talents and discoveries to increasing the attractiveness of the city.

We Cultivate Innovations. Naturally.

the mission of the BPN-T

Our objective is to create an infrastructure that will favour increasing of innovativeness among local and regional enterprises, as well as to improve attractiveness of the city to new, new-technologies-based investments.

The Białystok Science and Technology Park is accredited by the Minister of Development and Technolog

The Białystok Science and Technology Park is accredited by the Minister of Development and Technology as an Innovation Centre rendering advisory services in the scope of innovation as well as providing innovation support services, which are involved in activities implemented within the framework of EU funds for 2014-2022.

We also take care of:

  • enhancing the intellectual potential of the city and the region by stopping the outflow of well-educated workforce,

  • creating new jobs at the BPN-T and improving the conditions of the local labour market,

  • exploiting the economic potential of the City of Białystok,

  • initiating international cooperation,

  • developing a framework for collaboration between enterprises, scientific centres and academic community in the region,

  • fostering commercialisation of scientific research results,

  • initiating and improving technology transfer,

  • setting up new enterprises and supporting the operations of SMEs through training, consultancy and facilitating access to financing,

  • stimulating activities aimed at generating innovation.

Our main tasks include:

  • incubating young companies and offering support services to innovative companies,
  • stimulating collaboration between enterprises, academics and researchers,

  • leasing office and laboratory space, as well as a service area to developing enterprises and R&D units at preferential rates,

  • managing investment areas,

  • attracting investors.