Co-working Centroom

Co-working Centroom

Centroom is an urban cowork located in the centre of Białystok. It provides optimal conditions for modern work, being a local hub of innovation and collaboration. Its goal is supporting new businesses and young people wishing to start their own companies and the so-called freelancers working in free professions, by creating the workplace in the most convenient location.

Sienkiewicza 9 Street, Białystokphone: 533 553 204e-mail: kontakt(at)

Sienkiewicza 9 Street, Białystok

phone: 533 553 204

e-mail: kontakt(at)

Discover the possibilities offered by Centroom!

  • A place to work at in the very centre of Białystok
  • Modern office equipment
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Kitchen facilities
  • High speed Wi-Fi Internet
  • Interesting events, workshops, training sessions
  • Networking - the opportunity to meet interesting people

For more information please contact us by e-mail: kontakt(at)