BPN-T Companies


ExChord S.A.

Exchord is a company offering innovative software for currency risk management. Our application is a product with no precedence on the Polish market and has been created solely on the basis of the Polish capital. Our program calculates in real time the so-called open currency position, which shows potential profits and losses during a given currency transaction in case the exchange rate increases or decreases.


P2V Polska Sp. z o.o.

P2V Polska Sp. z o.o. is a supplier of the technology of „pay2vend.com", used in the vending industry. The company manages the „zdrowekieszonkowe.pl” project, which is addressed to primary and secondary schools throughout the country.



The primary activity of SAPLING Company is the development of innovations and implementation of technologies with patents obtained by the company in the sectors of sewage treatment and residue management.