BPN-T Companies

BEESSET Sp. z o.o.

Beesset designs and implements software and hardware solutions for the public transport. We create, among others, dynamic passenger information, fleet management and electronic fare collection systems. Company provides comprehensive solutions including websites (frontend), specialized software for servers (backend), mobile applications and software for devices such as card and ticket validators, point of sale terminals, transport inspection devices, electronic cards, microcontrollers and IoT devices used in public transport. Their systems are not closed, they cooperate with, for example, traffic control systems to provide traffic priority for urban transport.


Clurgo Sp. z o.o.

The company helps to realize solutions for IT needs. They specialize in system integration, CRM, and debt collection systems. Projects begin by analyzing and helping you refine your business requirements.



Ediom was founded to bring transparency to the healthcare supply chain. We created a proprietary analytics platform specifically tailored to handle the unique challenges of working with healthcare data. This platform, combined with our cognitive computing technology, allows Ediom to effectively bring benefits of Big Data to healthcare.