BPN-T Companies

Adanto Software

Founded in 2003 and legally established as a Delaware Company eleven years later in 2014, Adanto is a global Enterprise IT & R&D Software Services company. For over a decade, Adanto professionals have been delivering flexible, agile and cost-optimized Adanto Services, cutting-edge, reliable and proven Adanto Technology, with Industry-specific Adanto Solutions - all with a singular goal to accelerate our clients' Enterprise IT and R&D Software Innovation.


BEESSET Sp. z o.o.

Beesset designs and implements software and hardware solutions for the public transport. We create, among others, dynamic passenger information, fleet management and electronic fare collection systems. Company provides comprehensive solutions including websites (frontend), specialized software for servers (backend), mobile applications and software for devices such as card and ticket validators, point of sale terminals, transport inspection devices, electronic cards, microcontrollers and IoT devices used in public transport. Their systems are not closed, they cooperate with, for example, traffic control systems to provide traffic priority for urban transport.


BIBUS MENOS Sp. z o.o.

BIBUS MENOS Sp. z o.o. [Limited Liability Company] is a Polish-Swiss engineering company. We provide components and solutions for industry in various sectors, support our customers by means of technology, solutions and expertise at the highest level. We started to operate on the Polish market in 1994 as MENOS Sp. z o.o. [Limited Liability Company], afterwards following several years we became a part of BIBUS AG holding. The holding functions in more than twenty European and Asian countries.